What is learner centered instruction.

It is a website that allows to development. the activities are clear and understandable manner. This is a place where problems, questions are asked, and answers also, so it is offered discussions are held during class discussions.

What is the main rol of the teacher in CLI?

He or she is responsible for the achievement of their students by promoting quality education. By understanding and mutual collaboration.

Teacher is a friend that help to understand the education process.

Expalin the 4 keys principles of student centered learning?

  • 1.- Learning is a personalized. In the CLI each students is atended in individual way. In other words the teacher know his students, Th teacher help to develop.
  • 2.- Learning is competing - based.- Learning is based in information skills. The cuuriculum is adapted. It enables to respond individual read, interest and challenges .
  • 3.- Learninng happens anytime, anywhere.-Students discover upside learning doesn't stop. Students make important discovers.
  • 4.- Students take ownership.- The students play directly rol. Disign a work for each student. they work together and the world is changing. and put need in a new sistem of education.
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