1.      What is learner centered instruction (LCI)?

Learner centered instruction is and approach focused on the student like as a center of the learning and teaching process. It has methodologies and strategies directed to involve the students on their own process for covering their needs, interests and challenges.

2.      What is the main role of the teacher in LCI?

     The main role for the teacher is a facilitator, make them to engaged in the process when the student delaits in the process. Teacher has to study the students background and incorporate their skills, creating new experiences and motivate them for learning a new language.

3. Explain the 4 key principles of student centered learning.

            3.1 Create a good relantionship between students and teacher.

3.2 Understand and involve their important skills.

3.3 Learning all moment in any time, students discover their own learning process in the enviroment.

3.4 Students think about themselves and teacher helps them to make their descisions.