a.     What is  learner  centered  instruction (LCI)?

LCI  is  a  way  to  carry  out  the  learning  process  where  teacher  can  use different  teaching  methods   and  strategies  besides  teachers should  use  available  tools and  resources.

b.     What is  the  main role  of  the teacher  in  LCI?

All   six aspects  mentioned in  the Role  of  the Teacher   sheet  are very important  but  I considered that  the  main role is ,  support, inspire and encourage  students ownership of  learning  according  with  the  different  learning styles   to   achieve  students  learning  goals.

c.      Explain the  4 key  principles of  student  centered learning.

1.     Learning  is personalized.-  is  when student  studies  and progress more independently, achievement becomes more uniform and time to achieve that level of achievement is variable,  besides  it  means adjusting the student  pace.

2.     Learning  is  competency  -based

Refers  to  the  individual  needs -  interest  and  challenges  besides  it provides feedback as each  one  look to solidify  beliefs of skills needed to develop the whole child - intellectually, personally and socially. Learner competencies also   is a set of intellectual, personal, and social skills that all students need to develop  to engage in deeper learning.

3.      Learning  happens  anytime, anywhere.

I  understand  that  leaning  process  should  be  implement in  more  ways to  continue the  knowledge. Nowadays  there  are   many  tools  that Teacher  should  apply  like  interactive  skills in  order  to  give  all  student  other  opportunities  to  develop  his /her   learning  process  in  anytime  and  anywhere.

4.     Students  take  ownership

It  refers   that student  must  take responsibility for their own learning, developing confidence in themselves as learners. Also  Ss.  should  accept  responsibility,   work  hard    and  driving  force to  achieve  her/his  own  education.

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