Learner Centered Instruction Wikia

Learner Centered Instruction is to start thinking that the curriculum is not the owner of our classes, It is based on experiences learning form experiences, about interests and I think all the background of our students can teach us to apply a good centered instruction. I mean to connect or have a good relationship with our students can help to get a high level or get a change in our students lives.

As part of the learning process is to apply creative and new strategies to develop the max level of our students and we have to remember that if you enjoy teaching, students are going to enjoy learning and they will never forget you and what you taught them in the past.

The main role of the teacher in LCI is to create a comfortable environment where students trust the teacher and motivate students to talk and share opinions, experiences or just ideas about their lives, Teachers have to use different materials in order to engage students to work with the rest of the class and share it with the teacher.

Key principles of student centered learning

1st . LEANING IS PERSONALIZED: It is when teacher knows students it means strengths and needs(weak) and develop a close relationship with students so it gets into a fun moment during working.

2nd. LEARNING IS COMPETENCY BASED: It refers to how students advance in their learning it means students can advance as fast as they do, or as slow as they do , It depends on the teachers work not just following the curriculum just developing a meaningful learning.

3rd. LEARNING HAPPENS ANYTIME, ANYWHERE: It means that learning process is not only in the class, I think the most important learning is out of it where they can measure how valuable was learning a specific thing.

4th. STUDENTS TAKE OWNERSHIP: The role of the student is the most important in a class so we should take in count their opinions about it, engage students in the teaching and learning process to develop a meaningful learning to succeed .