What is learner centrered instruction (LCI)?

Learner-centered instruction is an educational approach that focus on  the students and the ways that coud get better knowledge .As at first it is  based on students' experiences  thus they can shares their expectations, ideas, or thinking about an unknown topic just observing processes or examples. Additional they feel including in all the process.

What is the main role of the teacher in  (LCI)?

A teacher in LCI is just a  facilitator that provides all material, serch for several strategies or  show real situations to the student so as to prepare  the bain´students  before the explannation

Explain the 4  key principles of student centered learning

1.-Personalization.- the teacher  vizualised  and analyzes the group of students he works with and identify learners’ needs, so he plans the classes based on their individualities needs .  this is an including eduaction that gives them the oportunity to act as the rest of students doing their own efforts.

2.-Competency-based.-Those are  students' abilities and skills development, it means they will be able to defend them in their real life with their individual challenges of their needs.

3.-Flexibility.- Students are learning anywhere and anytime also if they are not inside the classroom througt the curiosity they have and the motivation in oreder to learn.

4.-Ownership.- students are responsible for their own language  as they have the neccessity to interact and communicate with other they must improve.

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