Learned Centered Instruction

1.- What is Learner Centered instruction?

LCI is a shift on the focus of the instruction, where the student's reality enlights and encompasses the applied teaching methods. Student is the main part of our classroom and their interests are the basis of our lesson plans.

2.- What is the main role of the teacher in LCI

The teacher is facilitator and an investigator of students’ realities.

3.- Explain the four key principles of student centered learning

a. Learning is personalized: Teachers focus their activity in the students' realitiy and interests.

b. Learning is competency based:

The success of the learning process is given by mastering of competences. If they can show what they have learned the process has been the correct one.

c.- Learning happens anytime, anywhere:

Students can get their aha! moments inside or outside the classroom

d. Students take ownership:

Students take responsibility for their learning, and take decisions independently from the teacher, parents or classmates.

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