What is learner centered instruction (LCI)?

By Digna Castellano

Hi Friends

Learner Centered Instruction is a kind of approach that is centered how students learn. It is influenced by the constructivism where students discover and construct their knowledge whre students work inpairs,in groups,or alone depending on the purpose of the activity, using critical thinking through simulations and role plays.

The main role of the teacher in the LCI is the facilitator because he plans the different activities. As Houghton wrote “ fosters, accomodates motivates, utilizes teaching techniques, designs activites, Inspires and ecourages the teaching and learning process”

The 4 key principles of student centered learning.

There are 4 key principles in order to apply Language Centered Instruction and they have to work together to get success

1. Learning is personalized. Teachers must know their students to build a strong relationship in order to get confidence and help them when they need.

2. Learning is Competency-Based. Teachers need to know the skills  of each student in order to improve them and encourage to new process.

3. Learning happens anytime, anywhere. Students are learning all the time because they have contact with the world around them. Teachers have to conduct all this information.

4.Students take ownership. We need to take in account students when we plan activities. They need to be lasting and meaningful to engage students within the process

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