By: Esteban Benedicto Méndez Lara

Well, it´s an interesting video to be concious about the system teachers must use nowadays in the actual teaching-learning.

What is Learner Center Instruction?

It´s the way of teaching nowadays teachers focus according to improve students knowledge. This focused in the interact of all the integrants. Teacher- students / students - teacher.

What is the main role of the teacher?

The main role of the teacher is interact with the students focusing in all around them. The teacher have to engage students to produce.

What are the 4 keys?

Personalized: The way of teaching according students necessities.

Competency based: Being concious about what student knows in advance and he/she could have.

Anytime and anywhere. Forget the time but thinking in the achievements. Not just in the classroom but outside too as a practical thing.

Students ownership: Students produce according with their own knowlege and expressing with their own words what they think abou.

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