Learner Centered approach is an approach to teaching that focuses on student learning rather than what the teacher is doing. It changes the focus from what the teacher does to student learning.

Role of the teacher

The teacher creates a learning environment that resembles as much as possible the one in which students learned their first language.

The four principles of Learner Centered Approach

  1. Learning is personalized: Teachers need to know students and have strong

relationships with them.

  1. Learning is competency-based: It refers to the skills a student has

mastered. Students can work at their own pace enabling teachers to respond to individual needs, interests and challenges.

  1. Learning happens anytime anywhere: Students will often make important

discoveries about themselves and the world around them.

  1. Students take ownership: Students play a direct role in the learning process;

they are actively involved. For this reason, teachers shouldn’t make decisions about students without students.


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