1.    What is learned centered instruction (LCI)?

Learner centered instruction is the approach to teaching, since motivate to students to take responsibility for their language skills development and help them to gain confidence to can interact using language, in that way they participate in the learning process to establish objectives and choosing learning strategies.

2.    What is the main role of the teacher in LCI)

The main role of the teacher is encourage, foster, multiple teaching techniques,  students learning using different learning styles to accept  responsibilities for learning, also teacher must prepare and designs material to students can interact with others.

3.    Explain the 4 key principals of students centered learning.

1.    Learning is personalized according the video it refer to a diverse variety of experiences, strategies, needs, interests and aspirations that learner have, so they can personalized their learning developing links deep between them.

2.    Learning is competence basic, it is the information about skills that a student should demonstrate to mastery to develop competences to achieve knowledge.

3.    Learning happen anytime, anywhere, in this point I understand that can happen in anywhere and anytime, these skills and knowledge optimize in students learning, namely  it encourage them to reflection by developing.

4.    Students take ownership, in that part students appropriate of the learning with developing the activities, they understand it, in order to reflect to improve their own learning progress and know their own strengths.

By:  Angelica Calva Sarango.

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