• Students participate actively in the teaching –

learning process as the teacher creates opportunities for everyone.

  • Students can work in groups and become more

collaborative, respecting others’ opinions, they work on projects and draw conclusions bases on collaborative work.

  • It is necessary because students build their own

knowledge by asking questions, solving problems, participating actively during classes and analyzing situations in order to give possible solutions.  TEACHER'S ROLE

  • He / she encourage every student to participate and

collaborate in class.

  • He / she is in charge of designing enough materials

and resources in order to develop students’ abilities which makes every single student get involved in the process.

  • He / she must be aware of their students’ learning

styles and use varied techniques to reach every student.   4 KEY PRINCIPLES OF LEARNER CENTERED INSTRUCTION

  • Strategic thinking.
  • Thinking about thinking
  • Context of learning
  • Motivational and emotional influences on learning.

By Mónica Benavides Aguilar

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