What is learner centered instruction?

Is to guide students in order to make them to succeed in the future, involving different methodologies and strategies in order to provide a personalized teaching and including students´learning and skills into the teaching learning proccess.

What is the main role of the teacher in Learner Centered Instruction?

It´s to give personalized attention to students´ needs, stablishing strong relationships in order to make students feel confident about the teaching learning process and themselves, on that way they are going to be more focused and the community and the enviroment is going to receive the benefits of it.

Explain four key principles of student centered learning:

- Learning is personalized.- identify who students are and how is their development in different situations.

- Learning in competency-based: it permits to respond to the individual needs, applying different methodologies in order to develop their best.

- Learning happens anytime, anywhere: student can make important discoveries.

- Students take ownership: take important deccisions about the teaching learning process including their opinions. Don´t make decissions about students and the process without them.

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