1.-What is the learner center instructions (LCI)

It is an approach to teach on the focus student learning rather than on what teacher is doing, It changed the focus from  what the teacher does to the student learning.  It is no a specif teaching method, so teacher can apply many different instructional strategies to implement centre teaching.  

Active learning.-Students solve problems, answer questions of their own, discuss, esxplain, debate, or brainstorm during the class

Cooperative learning.- Students Work in teams on problems and project under conditions that assure both positive interdependence and individually accountability

2.-What is the main ole of the teacher in  the LCI?

Teacher creates an environment that:

-Fosters Ss. Learning

-Accomodates different learning styles

-Motivates students to accept responsibilities for learning

-Utilizes multiple teaching techniques which are appropiate for students interaction with the material, the teacher and each other.

-Inspires and encourages students ownership of learning

3.- Explain the 4 key principles of learner centered instruction

1.-Learning is personalized.- It happens when teacher knows student, and  exists a strong relationship between them.  The  teacher knows the students´  needs  therefore he can help in their development.

2.-Learning is competency based.- It is based on the information about the students` skills until they get master matching to the curriculum.  In this system students can receive their place in each subject.  Teacher can response to individual needs, interests and challenges.

3.-Learning happens anytime, anywhere.-The students make important discoveries by themselves around the world, it is different from  the traditional schools.

4.-Students take ownership.- Teachers shouldn´t take a decision about Ss without them, in  the direct role to get the success.  After  he engages them  in the process, he should  ensure the impact.   In  this way  learning is lasting and meaningful.

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