Learner Centered Instruction it´s an approach that focus on students learning rather than on what the teacher is doing. Here the students are the most important aspect into the learning process.

Learner centered is not an specific method and students are actively involve because they can solve problems, answer questions, debate and other activities that students can do into the classroom. Leaners practice cooperative learning because students work in groups most of the time.

The main role of the techer during Learner Centered Instruction is to encourage students to learn using different teaching techniques.

To my point of view the four principles of student centered learning are: knowledge Centered, Leaner centered, Assessment Center and Community Centered.

The knowledge Centered, It´s mean that students make their effort to develop their knowledge in order to later create their own context and use it in open challenges such as solving problems. So students are asked to expalin in their own words whay they have just learned.

Learner Centered is when the student are consider as co-creators so we have to pay a lot of attention to their ideas because their knowledge is considered an influence for the future learning.

Assessment centered gives students the opportunity to have a feedback so they can move forward and realize about their errors and try to correct them. I can say that the Assessment Centered has to forms of evaluating the formative which let students to correct their errors and the summative assessment is which comes at the end of the process.

The Communty Centered, it is when the students learn from other learnes around themselves. This interactions among them promote and sustain learning. Children feel more confortable taking risk and giving incorrect asnwers because here a mistake is an opportunity to lern.

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