What is the Learner Centered Instruction? Edit

In this new learning process. As a teacher, we must emphasize and incorporate students’ needs and interests, this new generation of education engages to the students as the main actor in the classroom at the moment to acquire the new knowledge this allows to develop students with critical thinking, applying communicative.

What is the main role of the teacher? Edit

If we want a personalized education, teachers should be a facilitator to develop communicative competence in each students involving students’ background and skills.

The four key Principles Edit

1.Learning is personalized: Teachers should know students, and they should know all about them it necessary to create a good relationship. 2. Learning is competency-based: students bring with them their own academic and their well-development competence.

3. Learning happens anytime, anywhere: We are always learning something day by day during our whole life.

4. Students take ownership: Do not make assumption about students’ needs we should engage them to perform any task with actively participation in the process of learning.

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