Learner Centered Intruction.

By: Claudio Richac Vásquez Castro

The Learner Center Approach, is a methodology that nowadays teachers all around the world are using inside the classrooms, in which the students are the main character in the learning process, and all the methodologies an strategies are developed by the teacher, in order to help them to solve problems, to create questions and answers based on the need to solve real life situations, and the teacher must be sure to create tasks that allow students to find Independence.

In this approach the teacher becomes a facilitator, because he/she has the tools to raise the knowledge in the students ‘minds, the teachers are also the basis to make students understand the importance of learning by their own, teachers have to find techniques that keep students engaged in the learning process, being always aware that the material has to interact within teachers and classmates.

1.       Learning is personalized: as teachers we have to understand that there are not two people alike in the world, therefore we have to treat students as a single person, because each of them has different experiences, lives, backgrounds, etc. hence every student inside the classroom learn in a different way from the others. Consequently we have to be able to plan according to the multiple intelligences that students have.

2.       Learning is competency-based: Students are meant to find techniques that allow them to interact with real life situations, therefore it is not enough to teach those subjects, but also strategies that allow the critical thinking.

3.       Learning happens anywhere, anytime: Why we should keep our students just in the classroom? When we can take them everywhere and make any place an open classroom, thus anything can be a source to increase their learning.

4.       Students take ownership: there is no one better than the student himself to be the best source of learning, this takes place when the students are aware that they are responsible for their own learning, and that teachers are only the feed backers throughout the process.

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