MIGUEL AMBULUDI The video shows us how to Learner Center Instruction help English teachers in order to get successful learning. Students are always the center of the teaching learning process. The lesson plan should contain individual needs to encourage to the students that they fell in confidence and they can learn more.

a.- What is Learner Centered Instruction?

It is an instructional approach in which helps to the teacher to do better the teaching learning process where the center of the learning is the student.

b.-What is the main role of the teacher in LCI.

In the LCI, Teacher changes his role, He becomes a facilitator of the activities in the classroom according to the needs of the students.

c.- Explain the 4 key principles of Student Centered Learning.

Key 1.- Teachers should take care with the individual needs of the students.

Key2.- Teachers should know the multiple intelligence s of the students.

Key 3.- Learning will be focused development the skills.

Key 4.- Students will be able to learn in an active form.

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