Paola Olalla When I watched the video Transformation at the first time it was something strange for understanding, but after the second time I tried to compare with our real lifes. We are always busy and for that reason we could not see the problems that happened around us. We need our own space and we try to find the best environment to do the activities in our lifes.


a) Leaner Center instrucions allow us to planificate differents kind of activities with emphasis in our studentes, because they are the center in the learning procces, they are active, responsables for learning process. We have to create confidente in their abitily to learn and used the language.

b) Teacher should create the best environment, define different learning styles, motivates students , use adecuate tenhniques ir order to get the objective. Remember thet teacher guide not directed the process and  encourage student to achieve their goals.

c) 1.-Focuses on student learning.- teacher should speak less in clas than students. because they must interact and show ideas with their classmates about the topic.

2.- We,  as a teacher have to find different  teching methods  because we are not going to use the same all the time, we have to change and find the best for using in or classes.

3.-Constructivist approach.-.Remember thay student construct the knowdelge by reseach activities , real experience and real activities not use the tradicional method only copy and copy. 

4.-Student are actively involved .- they could not be pasive, they have an oportunity to create, participates, help, share experience and participate directy in the process learning.

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