1. Watch the video: "Transformation"
  2. Reflect about it your own ideas.

According to the video it implies to me that teaching is more enjoyable because teaching has changec completely. Learner Centered Learning approaches lead to improvements in the students performance. The need for learning how to learn is becoming more widely recognized from many different directions, to provide resources to these students that affirma, reinforce, and initially accept responsability for their own learning. We need to angage students like never before. We have four key principles Students - Centered Learning: Learning is personalized, Learning is competency - Based, Learning happens anytime, anywhere, and Students take ownership. I want to share this phrase: "LIVE TO LEARN AND LEARN TO LIVE".

  1. Go to the following link: wiki:colaborative.......
  2. Answer these questions about (LCI) learner Centered Instruction:

a. What is Learner - Centered Instruction (LCI)? Edit

It distinguishes an approach that is different, innovative, and potentially superior when we compare with the traditional practices in Education.

Now, students have an active learning: They solve problems, ask and answer questions, give brainstorm, discuss, others

And they have a Cooperative Learning: Work in team and in group to do projects, is guided for the teacher, is individualized, and act positively within the classroom. Edit

b. What is the main role of the teacher in LCI?

- Motivates students to accept responsabilities for learning.

- Designs activities in which students interact with the materials, the teacher and each other.

- Inspires and encourages students ownership of learning.

- Utilizes multiple teaching techniques appropriate for student learning goals.

- Accommodates different learning styles.

- Fosters students learning.

c. Explain the 4 key principles of Student - Centered Learning

These are the four key principles:

1. Learning is personalized: Teachers Know their students, have strong relationship, know where learners are developing. Learning personalized actually is the evolution of the classroom.

2. Learning is competency - Based

Learns respond to individual needs, interests, and challenges, demonstrate progress in their competence. Competency - Based measure the learning of the students.

3. Learning happens, anytime, anywhere.

Learners discover themselves, have important discoveries, Produce in the school today.

4. Students take ownership

They take their own decisions, development an do researches, their presence impact, actually engage in the process, They work together. When students are stronger it is a benefit, because they can help in Education.

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