Learner Centered  Instruction   Approach   is focused in the characteristics  of learners in order to create lessons according their individual and collective needs . This approach takes in considerations styles of learning, strategies and techniques that provide an active participàtion and a cooperative learning.

Role of the teacher in LCI.Edit

  • Teachers should  be a facilitator during this process.  
  • They should help students to understand the lessons through the creation of an  environment  with imputs and stimuli that support the content and their academic and linguitic needs.
  • It is crucial that teachers apply strategies of teaching that make students realize how they are learning and apply these strategies by their own . In this way, they will become responsible of their own learning. 
  • It is important as well that teachers validate students apportations and recognize their progress.

Four Keys principles student learningEdit

  • Learning is personalized : Teachers should create lessons according the needs of students. in other words,teachers have to identify the levels of proficiency , cultural and academic needs of learners  in order to support group configurations, lenght of time to do an activity, and  content  of the lesson. 
  • Competency - based skills:  Students are encouraged by the teacher to develop competences and strenght skills.  Teachers have to create language and content objectives according their levels of proficiency and relationship with the current curriculum. It is possible that curriculum should be  adapted to the students needs. An active participation in the class will support a cooperative learning and  the integration of cultures and states of thinking. Teachers should apply strategies and tecnniques that convey the actual knowledge to the Zone of Proximal Development.  The environment of learning should reflect safety. Opinons, insights should be  valued and respected
  • Learning happens everytime, everywhere Teachers have to create a variated exposures  of knowledge and environment of learning   in order to provide students access to the knowledge and get sucess.
  • Students take ownnership :  Definetely, when a student is engaged, the learning is better and i is responsible of their own learning.  There are  multiple ways to engage students such as :  Create lessons according the students interests, application of their background knowledge as a scaffold to build the new one, Apply cooperative learning strategies that make  students  have a role into the group, and  incorporation of  activities, graphic organizers that benefit the variety of learning styles. It is crucial that teacher should be a guide to learners that contibutes in the  creation of their personal learning objetives and self - assesment.

Karina Moreno Rodriguez

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