By Mónica Zambrano 

'What is learner centered instruction (LCI)? '


LCI is a box of tools that use the teachers to help to the students learn and get meaningful knowledge applying different methodologies, strategies and activities in order to students solve problems and create new things and get new experiences for their own, in this way students become more stronger and focus in their benefits. 

 What is the main role of  the teacher in LCI?

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The main role of the teacher is to be a positive guide in the classroom where he or she considers that the world is changing and engage to the students to learn and create for themselves new things and get success in the future. 

 Explain the 4 key principles of student centered leraning.

1 Personalized Learning. Teacher knows students during the process and development of skills and stablish a strong relationship between them. 

2 Learning is competency based. Accordng to the curriculum students manage a lot of information and their skills are based in every subject, needs and for this reason teacher has to take into a count this way of learning because students are going to be challengers according thier knowledge that they receive every day.  

3 Learning happens anytime, anywhere. Students can discover new and important things  by themselves in any place and that knowledge is going to be meaningful because students will use their own ideas and creativity to apply this for their daily lives. 

4. Students take ownership. When teacher has to make a desicion is not a good idea make it alone without students because it cause meaningful impact. Students need to be important because everyone has different interests and needs during the learning process, the best idea is work together.

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