Learner Centered Instruction Edit


LCI - Learner Centered Instruction is a model of learning that has suffered changes through time. These changes has happened for the good because it makes teachers re-think and center their attention in all students' needs. In this model, teachers encourage students think and act beyond their abilities. For example, instead of telling students to draw a house, students are instructed to imagine a house, set a number of windows, color it, set the lights, decorate it with plants, toys, domestic animals, etc. Furthermore, each one of the students will draw a completely different house since each one of them have a different world in mind. So, it is the teacher's duty to make them recognize and appreciate their capabilities. Furthermore, the teacher supports them according to their unique leaning style, avoiding getting mad, concerned, or careless. Teacher plays a significant role in LCI since he/she encourages students to excel at high levels, makes them get incorporated and inserts their skills and interests into the teaching and learning process. All these aspects help students feel good and confident in the classroom and be prepared for their future. On the other hand, there are four key principles of the LCI. They all work together in order to obtain successful and practical students. First, learning is personalized. It refers to the relationship between teacher and student, how much the teacher is concerned about students' development and welfare, too. Second, learning is competency-based. It depends on the information and skills students master. Students precede their own pace in every subject they take. Third, learning happens enytime, anywhere. It is linked to the outside discoveries students make outside the classroom. They often connect knowledge got in class to the real life situations they face through life. Four, students take ownership. Students are the only responsible of taking roles to direct success. They have to be involved in and take part of the process to ensure their learning is lasting and meaningful. In summary, LCI model focuses on students needs, skills, and development. Teachers are the guide they need to be encouraged and supported to put their knowledge into practice, depending on how students learn and how they face situations.

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