a.      What is learner centered instruction (LCI)?

It is a revolutionary system of learning designed around each student. It encourages students to take responsability for own learning, knowing their abilities and taking the control of learning process.

b.      What is the main role of the teacher in LCI?

The main role of teachers in LCI is to be a facilitator and a motivator because students need to construct their learning. Teachers use multiple teaching techniques that are adapted to the needs of their students, designing interactive activities and transforming them into main actors in their learning.

c.       Explain the 4 key principles of student centered learning.

Learning is personalized.- It occurs when teachers have a strong relation with students. Teachers know them and their stage of development.

Learning is competency – based.- Learning focuses on the different skills that students stand out. While teacher takes into account their individual needs, interests and challenges.

Learning happens anytime, anywhere.- Students can discover significant things for themselves and about the environment. They should not be locked in the classroom, while outside the world keeps changing.

Students take ownership.- Students must take their own decisions and be involved in the teaching-learning process to ensure that it will be successful and meaningful.

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