What is learner centered instruction (LCI)?

The learner centered instruction points to the student learning. The principal actor in the teaching learning  process is the student. In this instruction the student takes part actively monitored by the teacher. Students discuss, share their ideas, opinions to solve problems not only alone,  they work in pairs,  groups to gather information creating a cooperative learning.

What is the main role of the teacher in (LCI)?

One of the roles that a teacher must face in the classroom is fostering student the customs of learning. Teachers should create a nice environment of learning that makes student to acquire new information inside and outside the classroom. To make this, the teacher must use different teaching techniques to go through all the students´ kind of learning. Being the students the center in the learning process help them to have more confidence by the responsibility they have in classes.

Four key principles of student centered learning

Learning is personalized. Teachers must make the classes meaningful for the students. So they can realize the importance of learning by their own. Teachers help them to know who they are so they can give the best of them.

Learning is competency-based. We focus on the skill the student can have beside what they learn in classroom. It makes students to give more they do.

Learning happens anytime, anywhere. Student can realize they do not only learn at school. Every day they do different discoveries that make them to realize the learning never stops. They can learn inside and outside the classroom.

Students take ownership. Teachers should engage the student to take part in classes, making the classes meaningful to them.

by Maria Teresa Alban Defilippi

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