1. What is the Learner Centered Instruction?
    All this begins when we have realized that the model of learning must change like remodeling a house to a modern building, The way to be ready to success in the future has changed. The learner centered instruction llosk for to maximize high standards of learning, motivation, and achievement for all learners and teachers too. It is focused on knowing and understanding each learner's needs withing the learning process.
  2. What is the main role of the teacher in LCI? Teachers, as in all methods, have an important role. They have to incorporate students skills and interests into the learning process. Activites to be done should be based on students' experiences and maybe personalized them because in this way students will be involved in his/her own future. So, the key is to engage students than never before.
  3. Explain the 4 key principles of student centered learning: 1. Learning is personalized --> Keeping strong relationships with students and knowing where students are in their development are the base of this principle. 2. Lerning is competeny based --> Students skills and learninng information have mastered so they can develop by their own in each subject, so teachers are able to respond to individual needs and challenges. 3. Learning happens anytime, anywhere --> Students will discover new things by themselves wherever and at the time they want. The traditional school day and outside traditional school roles were based on the learning starts and stop when the bell rings. 4.- Students take ownership --> Teachers shouldn't make decisions about students without them. They play a direct role on the "role success" . Students should be actively engaged with the process, so in this way the impact on them will be lasting and meaningful.
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