What is Learner Centered Instruction (LCI)?

It is an approach to teaching that focuses on students learning rather on what the students are doing? It changes the focus from what the teacher does to see the learning advancement, it is not one specific teaching method. So, the teacher can use many different instructional strategies to implement learning centered teaching.

What is the main role of the teacher in LCI?

The teacher is the person that develops or creates a suitable environment necessary to develop the abilities of his/her students.

Explain the 4 key principles of student centered learning

- Learning is personalized; According to the necessities of the students, the teacher personalizes the way he or she teaches their students. The relationship between teacher and student is one where the teacher meets students at their individual development.

- Learning is competency based; Learning is about the student´s pace in the subject in which they are in, based on where their skill level is. This way a teacher can respond to a student´s individual needs.

- Learning happens anytime, anywhere; Learning does not start or stop when the student hears the bell. A student can learn outside school walls and discover things about the world around them.

- Students take ownership; Students cannot be decided upon without them. They are essential towards their own future and success, often participating and being active to make the impact of their education is meaningful.

By: Willan Sacta

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