by Rosana Delgado Ortiz.

The video “Transformation” is really interesting because it shows exactly how students are nowadays in relation to their learning process and how we, as teachers, need to respond to their individual requires, interests and challenges. Learner-centered instruction is a new system of learning designed around each student, where they become secure and more aware, where each one of them “follows his own pace in every subject”. Teachers need to give all of them, modernizing everything to make their classes more efficient. We need to fix what doesn’t work and catch out what works, involving our student in his/her own future, to transform this new generation in efficient and competitive people, because they are the ones that will change the world. The learning model is changing every day and to succeed in the future, as the video “transformations” says, there are 4 key principles that need to work together:

  1. Learning is Personalized: This means that the teacher needs to know the students, meet them where they are in the development, build a strong relation between them, accompanying them in every step of their learning.
  2. Learning is Competency-Based: This means that students have to learn information and skills, where each student follows his own pace in every subject. In that ways, we, as the teacher, have the opportunity to respond to individual needs, interests and challenges.
  3. Learning happens anytime anywhere because every time students discover by themselves many things and this never stops.
  4. Students take ownership: Students need to make their own decisions all the time because they need to construct their own success in the world and we, as the teacher, must always consider their ideas before taking a decision, so, with this way, they will gain self-confidence.

All these principles need to work together for all students.

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