a. What is learner centered instruction (LCI)?

There are several group of methodologies where the learning is centered and focused in the students. This method   focuses on student learning rather than on what the teacher is doing. Learner centered instruction is active and cooperative learning.

b. What is the main role of the teacher in LCI?

To be collaborative and facilator of learning. The teacher creates an invironment that Fosters  students learning and motivate students to accept  responsability for learning.

c. Explain the 4 key principles of student centered learning.

The four key principles of student centered learning are:

1. Learning  is personalized.  This means that the teacher works with the individuality of each student. Each student is different and for this reason each student has her/his own needs
2. Learning is competency-based. this means that the teacher responds according to the skills that each student has or dominated
3. Learning happens anytime, anywhere.  Here in this item the students learn anytime , anywhere and the teacher should be to encourage them in the class or outside the class.
4. Students take ownership. teacher and student take decisions class ; but the student takes the decision of its own process
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