What is learner centered instruction (LCI)?

It is a method focused on students. It allows to develop students strenghts and challenge them to discover their abilities. Teachers are the facilitators to engage students with the learning process. teachers have to plan and apply different strategies to promote learning from the students´ experiences.

What is the main role of the teacher Learner Centered Instruction?

Teacher facilitates the learning process creating  good  environment. In addition teacher´s role is to monitor the class meanwhile students are building their our knowledge. At the end of a topic, teacher gives feedback to confirm o disconfirm what students are sharing among the learned topics.This method is based on a contructivism approach.

Explain the four key principles of students center learning.

The four principles of students center learning are:

  •  Learning is personalized.- It means teachers have analized students´ needs so teachers plan ativities where students should create and answer different questions, solve problems by using their abilities, therefore each student has the opportunity to develop their multiple intelligences.
  •  Learning competence-based.- The learning process is given throught cooperative and colaborative learning strategies; these allow students to demonstrate the abilities, which they have accomplished.
  • Learning happens anytime and anywhere.- It means that the students are learning in a significative way not only in the classroom, but also they can learn outside it, due to learning is used to solve problems in real life, not just to give  simple answers in classrooms.
  • Learning students takes ownership.- When students take over  the learning process as their responsability, they find sense about what they are doing and what that is good for. It gives them the motivation to learn new knowledge.

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