About the video: It shows a real change from traditional school to the new one. New generations learn at anywhere. Students are engaged in the learning process. They will empower the world with re-created knowledge and new cognitive, social and affective skills.

Language Centered Instruction is an approach or a method which engages students into the learning process, where the teacher becomes a facilitator and the student becomes the "doer". CLI engage learners "as never before". Students construct their knowledge through methods, strategies, activities designed according to their needs. "Scaffolding" is the most important strategy used by the teacher, it helps students to build a kind of a structure that allows them to move around through the learning process until they have learned using some resources such as: audios, videos, written information. Besides that, LCI uses the team work, group work or pair work to engage students to facilitate their learning.

The role of the teacher, as I said before, is becoming a facilitator instead of an instructor. The teacher lets students " think" before doing, they teach them to ask instead of providing answers. Students participate actively and the teacher guides them and observe results which can be accepted or modified.

In order to excel students' performance, LCI offers 4 principles.

  1. Learning is personalized: The teacher knows quite well to his/her students and walks next to them according to their needs and own pace.
  2. Learning is competency based: Information is acquired through thinking skills. Once students have developed them the teacher is able to require students to demonstrate their progress.
  3. Learning happens anytime & anywhere: Students don't learn inside the classroom only. "Learning doesn't stop when the bell rings". They take opportunities out the school; they discover themselvels and others. They learn from what they see or have around. They never stop learning.
  4. Students take ownership. They are actively engaged in the learning process. Students are the ones who "make decisions", they don't follow and apply "formulas" but they process, analyze and evaluate what is lasting and meaningful. Maria Augusta Reyes V.
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