Diego Torres

This video LCI shows me from start to finish as I should target with based on four fundamental principles where the viewer is the student if studies all the attention is the student and that is responsible to learn the various items or content that the facilitator what this routing must guide you according to every need creating in the safety of himself.

a.- What is Learner Centered Instruction?

It is a method of learning which facilitates finding us the right way to teach students through processes.

B. What is the main role of the teacher in LCI.

I can say that the role of the teacher is to be a friend of the student finding each student need to perform activities relevant to the class.

c.- Explain the 4 key principles of Student Centered Learning.

-The key one is from customizing this means that we must know the student more closely so find your different needs.

-The two key competencies is based evaluations and this means I should give them all the information necessary to realize which is the multiple intelligence it possesses.

-The three key is the place and when you can learn means that no matter where you are in the student there is always something to learn and most of all not quit.

-The key four is self education means that the student was in charge of feeding the same with the guidance of the facilitator designing a change in him and focusing more on the change to their learning level evolves and is the owner of design and remodel His world.

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